ADMINISTRATION HIGHLIGHT – Meghan Smith, RMT, CCMH Clinical Practicum Coordinator

alumni community faculty staff May 13, 2021

Meghan discovered massage through the treatment of injuries she sustained playing varsity volleyball. As she noticed her older sister and friends struggling to find work post-university, she realized a career in massage therapy would be a strong choice. 

At CCMH, Meghan specializes in organizing diverse clinics for all CCMH students.  

“There are normally some ‘first treatment’ nerves from students. But once they complete that first clinic shift, it's like night and day as they immediately get a boost of confidence. And they exclaim, “I can do this!” 

Meghan believes confidence is one of the keys to success in the program. She recommends trusting in the process and ensures that it all does come together before graduation. 

Meghan continues to practice as a therapist and has her own mobile clinic, which allows her to treat people in their homes. 

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How to Raise a Massage Therapist... It Takes a Village!

For many careers, education comes in the form of lecture, readings, and book work. There is a disconnect between educator and student. 

In the field of massage, education of new massage therapists comes in a more diverse form.  

It comes from the administrative staff. The admissions staff who reach out into the world with the intention of touching the hearts of the right people. The Directors who work tirelessly to ensure the campus runs as smoothly as possible, while also keeping the compass in line with the mission and values that the school, and the profession, embody. The clinic staff who provide the support necessary to run the student clinic in an efficient manner, giving students a chance to develop confidence in their own skills through practice.  

It comes from research and lectures, but also from experienced instructors who are trained in skills transfer. Instructors who come to the table with varied backgrounds, but always with the same intention...

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Faculty Highlight: Alicia Doucette, BSC, RMT


Alicia attended CCMH as a student from 2016-2018 after deciding she was in need of a career change.

No longer enjoying the stress of being a structural engineer, she wondered how she could transform her interest in health and wellness into a job helping others.

With a hiring rate upon graduation from CCMH of almost 100%, she decided to embark on a new career in massage therapy.

She continues to find the work extremely gratifying.

“People come in, sometimes they're in a lot of pain, or they're just really stressed out, and you can actually do a lot for somebody in an hour. I find people are really appreciative and grateful when they come to you, because you really make them feel better. And that's a nice feeling.”

Along with being CCMH faculty member, Alicia practices at St. Margaret’s Bay Massage Therapy where she has worked since graduation.

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