Diversity in the Profession and at CCMH

by Jana Young, Class of 2007, CCMH Admissions Coordinator 

At CCMHwetrain and graduate skilled massage therapists to enter theprofessionand make a difference in the lives of their patients. But are we missing the mark when it comes to diversity? Is there more we can do to ensure that people of color and people of various gender identities also have access to therapists who understand them and theirneedson a deeper level?  

I’ve had the unique opportunity tospeak with prospective students and applicants from many ethnic backgrounds and other diverse populations.Some of the common themes I hear are that folks will often choose therapists that they can relate to because of shared features/interests/backgrounds,but it can be difficult to find massage therapists who fit their criteria.  

As we learn and grow as a school, some of the questions Iendeavorto answer are: How can we encourage more diversity in the ranks of our students, to ensure that there continues to be...

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