Trust in Yourself: How to Handle Inappropriate Behaviour from Clients

by Natasha Joyce, Class of 2011, CCMH Education Director 

(from and article by Jannen Belbeck in Massage Therapy Canada Magazine – Fall 2018 Edition)

This article written by Jannen Belbeck plays out a variety of situations and scenarios that the more seasoned Massage Therapist would say “this wouldn’t happen to me”, whilst a newer, younger therapist thinks they are well trained to recognize and respond to acts of inappropriate behavior. However, as Jannen details there are many factors to consider to “untangle the emotions” and communicate effectively to establish a therapeutic relationship.

We all understand that no client books in under the name “inappropriate behavior” so does that mean that one must always operate in a hyper vigilant state, or risk being subjected to these actions? In Jannen’s article there are several factors presented for consideration on the topic including but not limited to, physical locations, and...

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Can the pandemic shorten your career?

Can the pandemic shorten your career?

by Alicia Doucette

In today’s current global pandemic, many people are finding it difficult to keep up with the new protocols and rules. It is not different for massage therapists. The new massage therapy protocols have changed the way we allow people to enter the treatment space, provide treatment, and clean the treatment space. Even with increased time between massage treatments, it can be challenging to ensure all the protocols are followed, write treatment notes, and do the small self-care tasks that allow us to keep providing massage to our clients.

It is important to remember to still hydrate between treatments, especially since working in a mask can make you feel extra warm while providing treatment. Specific stretching between treatments can be a useful tool to keep muscles supple during a workday. Feeling rushed between treatments can increase general stress, and that can build throughout the day.  All these things can...

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