As a patient in our public clinic you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself the best in massage therapy, including a wide range of hydrotherapy services. Our services are provided by student interns who assess and treat a variety of health conditions under the supervision of experienced Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) active in clinical practice.


A central part of our educational experience is practicum training in our state-of-the-art Student Intern Clinic. At CCMH, we value our patients and strive to ensure the highest standard of health care practice.

CCMH Halifax Campus
Suite 180 – 6960 Mumford Road (Mumford Professional Centre)
PO Box 0180
Halifax, NS
B3L 4P1

Please contact us for more information about our Clinic at 902-832-3268.


Our Student Interns in their second year of study provide therapeutic  treatments to the general public in our Student Intern Clinic.  Appointments always include a thorough patient assessment to determine the most suitable treatment plan, followed by an individually tailored treatment-focused massage therapy.
A treatment-based massage by a second year student is $40 HST incl. (75 minutes).


Relaxation massage is a healthy way to improve one’s quality of life. Given the high levels of stress experienced by many patients today, relaxation-focused massage provides a safe and effective way to create balance and harmony from within.
A beneficial healthcare intervention for health maintenance, healthy living, general tissue function, lifestyle balance, general health awareness, and stress management.  Relaxation massage helps to relieve associated muscular tension and encourages general relaxation.                                                A relaxation-based massage by a first year student is $30 HST incl. (75 minutes).


Hydrotherapy can be defined as the use of water, in all its forms, for therapeutic effect. CCMH offers a range of hydrotherapy modalities in our well equipped hydrotherapy suite.
Patients of the Student Intern Clinic can choose to add one hydrotherapy treatment to their treatment-based massage appointment for an additional $10 making the cost of treatment $50 total, taxes included. The Massage & Hydrotherapy Combo will be a total of 90 minutes.
Hydrotherapy selections Include:
• Hot Tub
• Steam Bath
• Infrared Sauna
• Russian Steam Cabinet
• Salt Glow
• Paraffin Wax
• Cold Mitten Friction


Moist heat can be used to increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. Spending time in the steam will open pores, trigger sweat glands and release toxins from the skin. The Steam Bath/Room maximizes therapeutic effects when used prior to a massage treatment. 


Salt paste is applied as a vigorous skin scrub, stimulating the nervous system and circulation.  By removing dead skin cells, the body’s largest organ is primed to function better, leaving your entire body with a smoother complexion and a healthy “glow”.  Patients may choose to precede or follow the salt glow with a massage.  


A series of layers of heated therapeutic wax are applied to an area of chronic pain, poor circulation, or tension.  This treatment performed during a massage will often allow the therapist to use more advanced techniques resulting in a greater flexibility of joints and blood flow through muscles.  It is highly recommended for non-inflammatory arthritis and joint stiffness. 


This treatment modality allows immersion of the whole body in steam, excluding the head.  With similar benefits to the steam room, this application has the added comfort of enabling you to breathe room temperature air, while your body experiences intense heat and steam.