We passionately believe in the value of massage therapy, and strive to deliver the highest quality massage therapy education globally today. We are committed to providing the best educational experience to future leaders in the massage therapy community in Canada and around the world.

Pioneers & Leaders

CCMH is Canada's longest-running massage therapy institution. Our rich history dates back to 1946 and is related to the training of nurses and veterans returning from WWII. Since its inception, CCMH has been involved in the development of massage therapy standards and regulation in Canada. 

Real World Experience

Our Student Intern Clinic is open to the public and allows students to use their classroom skills while under the supervision and guidance of a member of our faculty. Student Intern Massage Therapists must complete a minimum of 340 hours in the CCMH Clinical Practicum, and invaluable part of our skills-based training approach.

Community Involvement

CCMH is committed to helping improve our community by bringing massage therapy to as many people as possible. Our Community Clinics and Special Events Outreach programs (part of our Clinical Practicum) offer opportunities and experience treating special population groups.  All clinical experiences are organized by the CCMH Clinical Practicum Coordinator and supervised by Registered Massage Therapists on our faculty.


Canada’s leader and pioneer in delivering nationally recognized massage therapy education in a professional, student-centred learning environment.

CCMH mentors and challenges its students to reach their greatest potential as aspiring massage therapists.